Irrigation Supply

When it rains it pours and when it doesn't, it's best to have a dependable irrigation supply to supplement precipitation deficits. OAI* has been developing irrigation supply dating back to Dan's effort for a Gulf Coast Golf facility in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Case #1

Researched, planned, developed and permitted a 252,000 gallon per day supplemental irrigation supply for an "on island" golf course in 1995. Two years after permitting the first well, a second well was added increasing irrigation supply to 504,000 gallons per day. This project became the first single aquifer wellfield permitted under Alabama's Coastal regulation. Both wells continue to provide irrigation supply for this "on island" golf course.

Case #2

OAI identified a target aquifer for this irrigation project that would not compete with public water supply wells. The aquifer was drilled, tested and permitted to supply 500 gpm for this golf course that needed a supplemental groundwater supply to support the course's lake supply of irrigation. Like Case #1, this well was completed "on island" in an area deemed off limits due to saltwater encroachment.

Case #3

OAI was retained to evaluate the hydraulics of a Florida irrigation well to determine appropriate spacing for a two well single aquifer wellfield. The project involved evaluating aquifer hydraulics and developing a groundwater flow model to evaluate various well configurations. The client was presented with spacing options for two and three wells operating at 350 gpm.

Are you considering developing an irrigation supply? OAI is available to research area aquifers, provide wellsite geologic services and to model aquifer hydraulic to develop your needs efficiently. With ongoing erratic weather conditions bringing recurring drought to the Gulf Coast, don't get caught wanting. Begin your irrigation planning by contacting OAI today and put Irrigation in the Subject box.

*OAI’s Dan O’Donnell completed Case #1 while he was previously employed.